It is time to celebrate- mom’s birthday!!!

It is Sunday!!!

Just came home…from the church.

I wanted to work, but decided to CELEBRATE…

                                                          to continue to celebrate my mom’s birthday!  TODAY!

Even I came from the village and celebrated with our family, I wanted to celebrate in other way: to remember the good things about my mom, how much I appreciate her and how she influenced my character!

I made coffee and began to think…what are the words that could describe better my mom???


I think her SACRIFICE for others, for the school and for the society was the most what influenced me. I remember the hard time of working like a principle of the school. She tried not just to do all her responsibilities, but  to do different project for to improve the educational system and conditions to learn.

From her example I understood very quick that I have to do something in my life for the society, not just for me personally or for the family. From the childhood I had the desire to influence this world, to do something essential in my life.

I liked so much to see my mom in front of people, how she was talking at the different kind of meetings in our village. I understood that so many people respect her, because she was talking from all her heart, showing the values in her practical life.

image (1)амага

To be a teacher – it was her DREAM!

Because she is coming from a poor family of farmers. She didn’t want to work on the land for whole life like her parents, she wanted to be intellectual and she BECAME! She worked like a teacher for 40 years!

Love this picture when she was a student !!!


I loved to have her like my TEACHER of Romanian language at the school! She was the best teacher for me, not just because she was my mom, but because she was involving all students at her lessons and  she was explaining very well that everybody could understand! She has the gift of teaching others- I loved this, learned from her and now I could teach others, too!

She loves work and to motivate others to work. She is the best motivation for my father to work and to have goals in the life, to have reason to live.

I remember so many times they worked together!

IMG_7788 IMG_7794

She is ready every time to cook our favorite food. One of our traditional food is “pelimeni” and “placinta”. She  never will  say: O, I am so tired and I will not cook today. ” When someone is coming home she will call and will ask: what do you want to make for you, what kind of food?

IMG_8140 IMG_8153IMG_1234

I don’t know who loves more: the mother or the father! They both love well!!!! To be romantic is value for whole our family because of them and because of our last name- ROMAN!  I felt love from them when I saw them loved each other!


Now they have a new hobby- to grow chickens!!! It is easy to grow and it is help them to have a reason to live and could give us the meat when we need it! We sent chickens to Norway, Russia, Canada and o our friends in Chisinau!


I learned from my mother to read! Every Sunday after the breakfast we spent time together reading. now when she is talking with us on Skype she will read some interesting thoughts that she founded!!!


In Moldova we have a proverb: every man has to build a home, to raise a son, to dig a well and to plant a tree.

If you failed to do this, you has wasted your life. The last achievement for my mom was – to dig a well and to put a cross there! That is the symbol of her believing in God and every morning she is going to the cross to pray to God!


I don’t know what will be my last achievement…

but for sure I appreciate my mom’s ability to put goals and achieved them!!!

I learned this from her, too!

Happy birthday my lovely mom!

 10 mai 2015


One YEAR since I came back in Moldova from Ufa!!!! The Greatest Journey!

One of my friend,  FACEBOOK, remembered me today that ONE year ago I came back in Moldova from Ufa.

Not just for the few weeks, but for FOREVER. Today, April 23, I couldn’t stop for…. to open my iPhoto from my computer and to remember the “perfect moments” from my 3 years in Ufa….to remember what I didn’t forget it and probably I will not forget for all my life.

It was a better experience in my life, the journey that God planed for me to grow in faith and enlarge my vision about His work! 

My journey started at the airport  in August 22, 2011 and finished in April 23, 2014!

IMG_0099 2014-04-23 10.39.00

I never have been in Russia before…even in Ufa, but my best friend Natalia  deliver me the love for this nation, the beauty of new experiences with God and the courage to go to the unknown!

It was easy for me to love the city-UFA!

Firma Mir, McDonald’s, Ikea, Semiya, the park with the monument of the national hero- Salavat Yulaev these were my favorite places for talking with new people, students from different Universities and closest friends from my church and my team. Spending time there, drinking coffee and trying to say what is happening in my soul did these places to become close to my heart. I miss them now! 

IMG_0161 IMG_0241 IMG_4205 ufa 11 IMG_3187

A lot of Bashkirs, Russians, Africans, Tatars became my friends!! I can’t forget them with their thoughts and desires to know about God, about the meaning of life and who they are! I liked the time that I spent with students walking and visiting city, watching good movies and talking about different important topics for young generation, having FUN with them day by day, playing games ….and special one MAFIA! 

23 feb 2012-1 IlY-w7L7QAk IMG_0951

Being so far from my home, my family and friends….the harder feeling that I experienced it was loneliness!! In the same time I had opportunity to learn and to live the truth that God is with me …

…and He is sufficient!

I am so thankful to my friend Natalia who visited me just to be with me and to encourage me! The visiting of our leaders from Moldova showed me their love and trust in what we are doing here in Ufa! For me every visit was so special! 

 IMG_6010 IMG_2028IMG_9254

What I didn’t expected from this journey it was the greatest experiences working with staff from New Life Russia. It was a gift from God to me! I love doing the ministry among students, working with the team, achieving goals, doing strategic plan…etc!  The encouragements of the leaders like Misha Goz, Eric Coe, Natasha Rybinskaya, Lena Fetisova and others staff helped me to grow in my abilities to do the ministry there! It was a lot of people who influenced in better way! 

IMG_8219 IMG_8234

During 3 years my team was my family! I was learning…and still learning…. to be myself and trust them more and to love them with the unconditional love how God is doing with me every day, every minute, every second!!!!!! It was a challenge for all of us, even we know so well one another, to accept the weaknesses and strengths and to love!! Miss the atmosphere of growing like was in our team in Ufa!!!


Learning to discover something new for me it was a good way to learn about myself, too.

In Ufa I had possibility to spend more time during the year understanding the truth that God say about who I am like His child, how He is working specific in my heart and mind! Knowing Him better and closer it is the biggest gift for my soul. I tried to take picture of my “perfect moment with my Lord” and everyone is remembering me the quite time where I grew in faith! Thank you God for all of this!

IMG_5578   IMG_7815  IMG_9164

I could not say before that was the perfect plan of God for my life, but after an year I can say now: God loves me and had the greatest plan for my life to have a “wonderful journey in Ufa’!!!! 

ps 92-2IMG_5536

New experience of……?!


April 13, 2015

at the airport

Learning to travel alone…still don’t love it!

I always need a friend when I travel, to have fun, to talk what I see and how I am feeling. Sometimes…often… very often….. I don’t have a choice! But always is the choice: to enjoy or not!

Decided- TO ENJOY!

My new journey of my life – in Sarajevo!

IMG_1733 IMG_1745

A place to stay and a good coffee is making me to feel safe!

The Doctor’s house hostel it was the best place that I needed: just 500 metres from the centre of town, free Wi-Fi access was available ( this means the possibility talking through messenger with my sister who care of me)  and beautiful view!!!

( if you plan to visit Sarajevo I suggest you this hostel:

I was very impressed about the vision of Cat Norman ( the owner of the hostel): “I searched for a place that I could call home. A place where I could build a hostel that would help local communities while building international communities.” The vision what and why do you want to do in your life is crucial for everybody! 

Especially for ME!

I can’t live without vision! The vision for every day, for every moment! 

IMG_1753 IMG_1743

It is making a difference for me during the journey to have a clear goal for what I have to do!

So….I enjoyed working on the team and to discover wonderful created and special formed personality of every team member (who are great leaders) and to look  how we could and should cooperate!

Differences do make a difference!

Now each of them are part of my life,

even if we are from so different country: Albania, Macedonia, Ukraine, Czech, Georgia and Poland! 


Visiting University in Sarajevo!


The Sacred Heart Cathedral-is the largest cathedral in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sacred Heart Cathedral was built in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, an important Catholic concept. The devotion is especially concerned with what the Church deems to be the love and compassion of the heart of Christ towards humanity, and its long suffering.

 In the light of this, the best question for me is:

Do I have a heart like Jesus has? What do I do that to have the heart of compassion and love like Jesus’s heart?

No, I don’t have it yet…but working on this:)

To love well! 

Like Jesus!


The traditional food is Ćevapi – Bosnian kebabs: small grilled meat sausages made of lamb and beef mix; served with onions, sour cream, ajvar and Bosnian pita bread (somun).


Maybe because I ate after a hard-working day :)!

I liked to see how bosnian people are eating it: with the fork and with hands:)! 

And another traditional food it was similar like Moldovan placinta: Burek – a meat-filled flaky pastry, traditionally rolled in a spiral and cut into sections for serving. The same dish filled with cottage cheese is called sirnica, one with spinach and cheese zeljanica, and one with potatoeskrompiruša. All these varieties are generically referred to as pita (Bosnian for “pie”).

Could you imagine

someone who are eating a half of kilogram of burek????  


…and of course….the food was very delicious!!! You have to try it! 

New experience

of a new country,

new friends,

new team-work

and WHO I AM!?

It was a journey of feeling special!

Thanks to God who is my LOVELY Father!

He is with me during my journey of my life!


What my sister did for me?!

What my sister did for me?

1. She bought a ticket for me to fly to Norway!!

2. She made for me cheesecake to meet me!!! image 3. She organized for me a perfect moment, taking for me the great pictures!!!

4. She fulfilled my desires of the design for the night of the New Year!!!

5. She bought for us both the dresses to celebrate the holiday New Year! 6. She invited me to Starbucks coffee and not just one time!!!

8. She paid for all I want to by for me personal: things, closes.

9. She did with me scrapbooking!!!

10. She showed meimage where she is working!!! image

11. She did with me the bible study, I love this activity!!!

12. She took me to her church, the great one!!!

13. She introduced me to her friends!!!

14. She showed me the beautiful city Oslo. image 15. She invited me to asiatic and indian restaurant!!! 

 16. She accepted in her day of rest to goimageimageout at the coffee in the morning!!


image   17. She motivated me to ride a bicycle!!!!

image 18. She shared with me about her plans for the new year in her life!!! 19. She bought for me a ticket for two weeks for all kind of transport in Oslo!!

20. She is ready to do great things for me like for her sister…….


Temelia bucuriei mele!!!

Am tot cautat o denumire pentru aceasta poza. Am cautat mult!

Gindul care a ramas este legat de mesajul cartii care o citesc, scrisa de John Piper ( Evanghelia este Dumnezeu). Foarte rar ne gindim la motivatia noastra interioara, la fundamentul bucuriei si tristetii noastre. Acum cred ca este timpul vietii mele cind ajung atit de repede sa imi pun intrebari legate de motivatie si fundament.

Raspunsurile care imi aduc implinire le primesc in timpul meu de partasie cu Tatal Ceresc! 

Bucuria care Il are in centru pe Dumnezeu este greu de trait…pentru mine. Am invatat de-a lungul anilor sa am bucurie care ma are in centru pe mine insami. Ma simt iubita si am o bucurie de nedescris cind mi se da importanta.

 Acest sentiment se bazeaza pe ceva complet natural. Acest sentiment nu are nimic spiritual in el. Oare temelia bucuriei mele este persoana mea?????  Am constatat cu durere acest lucru……si vreau o schimbare !!!!

IMG_0014Vreau ca fundamentul fericirii mele sa fie nu Eu, ci Dumnezeu!

My mom’s and my journey!

My mom loves to walk, but she never has the time to do this! When we have holiday that is a part of our time which we are spending together!

That is specific how we usually  walk, until the small village Borisovka and back! I like to do picture and we are talking about life together!!! Today we miss my sister Jenny!Thank you, Lord for this wonderful time and beautiful mom!



IMG_7760 IMG_7763 IMG_7750


IMG_7752 IMG_7745 IMG_7738 IMG_7737